Reports are based on investigations carried out by Accident Investigation Bureau, in accordance with Annex 13 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, Nigerian Civil Aviation Act 2006, and Civil Aviation (Investigation of Air Accidents and Incidents) Regulations.

In accordance with Annex 13 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, it is not the purpose of aircraft accident/serious incident investigations to apportion blame or liability.

Readers are advised that Accident Investigation Bureau investigates for the sole purpose of enhancing aviation safety. Consequently, AIB reports are confined to matters of safety significance and should not be used for any other purpose.

# Report No Operator Reg. No. Aircraft Type Occurence Date Released Status
1 Preliminary Report Dornier Aviation Nigeria AIEP (DANA) Lim… 5N-DOX Dornier 328-100 Serious Incident 10/04/2019 Preliminary Report
2 Preliminary Report Air Peace Limited 5N-BUO Boeing 737-36Q Serious Incident 28/02/2019 Preliminary Report
3 Preliminary Report Caverton Helicopters Limited 5N-CML AgustaWestland AW139 Accident 13/02/2019 Preliminary Report
4 Preliminary Report Azman Air Services Limited 5N-AIS Boeing 737-5L9 Serious Incident 04/02/2019 Preliminary Report
5 CVK/2017/07/29/F CAVOK Air LLC. UR-CKC AN-74TK-100 Accident 05/12/2018 Final Report
6 PAAN/2004/07/26/F Pan African Airlines Nigeria (PAAN) Limi… 5N-BDZ Bell 412 EP Accident 22/10/2018 Final Report
7 BHNL/2015/08/12/F Bristow Helicopters Nig. Ltd 5N-BGD Sikorsky S-76C+ Accident 22/10/2018 Final Report
8 AERO/2015/07/21/F Aero Contractors Company of Nigeria Limi… 5N-BOB Boeing 737-42C Serious Incident 22/10/2018 Final Report
9 EMIRATES-HAK/2015/07/06/F Emirates and HAK Air A6-EWD & 5N-BOU B 777-200 & B 737-400 Serious Incident 22/10/2018 Final Report
10 Preliminary Report Skybird Air Limited 5N-BOD Gulfstream G IV Serious Incident 13/09/2018 Preliminary Report
11 CAVOK/2017/07/29/INTR/01 CAVOK Airlines UR-CKC AN-74 TK-100 Serious Incident 29/07/2018 Interim Statement
12 ASSOC/2013/10/03/F Associated Aviation Limited 5N-BJY EMB 120 ER Accident 18/04/2018 Final Report
13 WESTLINK/2014/08/11/F Westlink Airlines Limited 5N-BGZ Piper Aztec 23-250 Accident 18/04/2018 Final Report
14 BHNL/2009/11/12/F Bristow Helicopters (Nig.) Ltd. 5N-BGS / 5N-BDD Bell 412 SP Serious Incident 18/04/2018 Final Report
15 NCAT /2012/10/04/F NCAT 5N–CBE Tampico Club TB 9 Serious Incident 18/04/2018 Final Report
16 NCAT/2012/05/23/F Nigerian College of Aviation Technology … 5N-CBI Tampico Club TB-9 Serious Incident 18/04/2018 Final Report
17 NAHCO-AERO/2014/04/29/F Aero Contractors Nigeria Limited and NAH… 5N-BPT / L3-23 DHC-8-400 / TUG 660-241 Serious Incident 18/04/2018 Final Report
18 Preliminary Report Dana Airlines Ltd. 5N-SRI MD-83 Accident 05/03/2018 Preliminary Report
19 Preliminary Report Nest Oil Plc 5N-BTF Gulfstream G200 Accident 28/02/2018 Preliminary Report
20 Preliminary Report Delta Air Lines Inc. N858NW Airbus A330-223 Serious Incident 28/02/2018 Preliminary Report